Who am I?

Since graduating with an Honours Degree in Computing Science I have worked as a Business Solutions Consultant for a software company, a Senior Web developer for a media company, Head of digital at a full service design agency and a Successful Freelancer.

I have a wide range of experience, I know web development inside out and I never stop learning, developing and perfecting my skills, I always aim to excel at any project I tackle, mediocre is not a word in my vocabulary. I am not a designer but I know some very good ones should the project require it. I excel in creating Bespoke projects that stand out from the competition.

King's College London

Challenge: King's College London wanted to create an award winning website that better represented the ethos and capabilities of the University, being one of the top 20 in the world. They had over 60,000 pages on their old site and complaints from users and staff revolved around how hard it was to find and promote key information.

My role: Initially I was involved in hosting workshops with staff and students to gain further insights and get buy in for the new development. We held information architecture workshops to find a better working structure to support the 60,000 pages. We wanted to consider features that would differentiate the site from its competitors. The design was created by 999 and King's already had a CMS provider, my role was to project manage the integration of the new design with the CMS system ensuring that the HTML templates remained valid, AA accessible, optimised for slow connection speeds, working on all browsers and mobile devices and to solve any technical related problems with the build and ensuring that best possible compromise was made between the capabilities of the CMS and the client and designers vision.

Technology: @Fontface, JQuery and bespoke javascript. With all educational websites accessibility and validity of code was a key focus. After launch I built a Google maps Mashup to integrate the 360 panarounds from the previous site with the new templates and design. A key aim was to bring all content and technology into the new site to provide a more cohesive user experience.

Results: It won a Bronze CASE award for best online platform.

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Victoria Beckham

Challenge: Victoria wanted a new website to showcase her latest collections, it had to be stylish, elegant, work on mobile devices and be easily updatable by her media agency via a content management system.

My Role: The site has always been very much design lead therefore the technology had to be built to ensure the design could work as envisioned. In order for the site to work on mobile devices the fades and animated touches were programmed via Javascript as opposed to flash. I developed a bespoke content management system to allow all areas of the site to be updated whilst allowing flexibility for the design and functionality to change. Continual updates have been made to the site since launch to keep it inline with current trends and best showcase new collections.

Technology: The site and content management system were built from scratch using PHP, MySQL, bespoke Javascript and Jquery. HTML5 was used to provide an optimal user experience for playing the videos on all devices. Friendly urls and clean markup were used to ensure the site performs well in search engines.

Results: The site is updated as each new collection launches and has helped maintain Victoria Beckham's success as a leading fashion designer.

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Lee Cooper

Challenge: To create a platform that provides one central place to access, share and discuss all things Lee Cooper. An Online Trading platform allowing licensees Globally to promote their products for global reach via other licensees and to create a new consumer facing website that better showcases the Lee Cooper brand ethos and product.

Technology: Both platforms were built from scratch using a mixture of PHP, MySQL, JQuery and XHTML.

Results: Brick lane has become an invaluable resource allowing Licensees to share and collaborate across the globe uniting individuals and strengthening the brand. The main site has had 33,000 views since launch last year with a very low bounce rate of just 24%.

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Est.Her Style

Challenge: Create an Ecommerce enabled website for an up and coming Fashion designer aimed at young professional women.

My role: My aim was to create an smooth user experience from browsing through to buying through subtle interactive features and an intuitive checkout process. This experience is continued after purchase with HTML designed confirmation and despatch notification emails.

Technology: PHP, MySQL, Bespoke CMS, JQuery, Docdata payment gateway, Campaign monitor for Email campaigns.

Results: Esther has been nominated for a Cream Award in the category of Corporate Identity.

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Future City Glasgow

Challenge: To story tell the future cities project. Designed by Jamhot.

Technology: PHP, HTML5, JQuery and bespoke javascript. Responsive on mobile and tablet.

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Stow College

Challenge: The brief was to create an interactive site that would appeal to potential students, aged 16-25, and deliver a strong online identity that would give Stow stand out from its competitors.

Approach: The aim was to deliver a site that incorporated all the various activities and events at the college so users could explore and find new things every time they visited. We held workshops with students and staff to better understand the college and its needs. A forum was used to build up user generated content that would bring students back to the site, become an archive of information for new students and generate higher rankings within search engines.

Technology: The majority of the build was from scratch using PHP, MySQL, Jquery, Google Maps API, BBPress. Puff's were programmed to rotate so show knew information on each visit. An online application form was built with batch printing within the CMS to allow admin staff to manage these efficiently.

Results: The website recently won Gold for 'Students’ Award for Website' at the Scottish Colleges marketing awards 2011. Traffic from search engines increased by 269%. Average time on site increased by 58% and there were 7,500 online applications.

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Jack Vettriano

Challenge: To create an e-commerce website to sell Jack Vettriano's prints and showcase his work. Design by Tangent Design

Technology: Woocommerce with bespoke functions and styling. Responsive on mobile and tablet.

Results: The site has an extremely low bounce rate of 8% and a high conversion rate.

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Challenge: Built 8 websites for the 8 different X-Leisure locations, feeding cinema times from 3 different feeds (cineworld, vue and odeon) and allowing the client to easily update information via a single CMS with option to update individual sites or update all sites at one time with the same piece of information. I worked in conjunction with Jamhot who designed the sites.

Technology:Fully bespoke PHP, responsive solution with Bespoke CMS.

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My Portfolio

Below are a few key projects I worked on as Head of Digital at 999 and whilst Freelancing in conjunction with Jamhot, Chunk, Tangent Design and Bright Signals. Click on a thumbnail to view the full project details.

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Esther Style
Future City
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Heverlee Beer
Ocean Terminal
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Breakdown of my services

  • . Project Management
  • . Online Strategy
  • . Information Architecture
  • . Usability & User experience
  • . Full Web Development
  • . CSS, HTML, PHP, JQuery, MySQL
  • . Website & Email Hosting + DNS
  • . E-commerce
  • . Content Management Systems
  • . Email Campaigns
  • . Systems Integration
  • . Google Maps Integration
  • . Mobile Customisation
  • . WCAG Accessibility
  • . Responsive design
  • . Bespoke interactive animations
  • . Not found what you need here just ask!


So if I don't design what do I do?

I turn a designers vision into a working website using the latest web development techniques whilst ensuring progressive enhancement to be more accessible to all the different devices used to access websites.

I can also look at your business, understand your processes and determine how to integrate these with your website to make it work harder for you, stand out against the competition and provide all the intelligence you need to understand your users better, providing technical specifications, requirements documentation and timescales along the way.



The power of imagination makes us infinite

I believe a great website invokes an emotion in the user that makes them want to revisit or share it with others. This can be achieved through a combination of the the design, content, copy, user journey and intelligent use of technology. I am passionate about creating this experience.

I don’t believe you should be constrained by technology but instead you should be creative with it. I am dedicated to every new web development challenge I commit to and I look forward to hearing from you.


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This site was built using HTML5, @Fontface, PHP, MySQL and JQuery. It is fully W3C valid and AAA accessible and works on mobile devices, all modern browsers and is A rated by yslow. If you would like something similar get in touch or feel free to share.